Beauty and Grace - released 02/10/2017

The Raven / My Heart is Breaking - released 13/10/2017

Struggling to Breathe / Love and Redemption - released 08/11/2017

I Know Me - released 18/06/2018

Oceans and Tides - released 19/10/2018

Lonely Again - released 18/01/2019

Cowboy Angel Blues - released 08/07/2019




The Doors of the Past Remain Wide Open - released 16/05/2018

The debut EP, influenced by the singer songwriter genre - in particular the early Dylan Albums and the acoustic side of Neil Young. This is just Andy and Steve. Andy plays all the guitars except on My heart is Breaking. Overdubs were kept to a minimum and most songs feature just a single guitar and vocals. Stripped back and raw was the order of the day

Love and Redemption - released 26/07/2018

A more experimental EP than the debut. This one featured fuller arrangements for the first time, for the majority of songs these were virtual instruments programmed by Andy, who also played all the guitars with Steve excelling on vocals.

Award Winning Baltimore artist Woody Lissauer said of Love and Redemption 'The apple of my heart has been wrapped in barbed wire, tightened by the taught supplications of Andrew's creations on a desolate flat, where the only hazard of succor, is the balefire of a distant cello.. I love it, Andrew, you work awesome moods, my friend!! (Y) 🎶 (Y'

Poetry of Reason - released 25/03/2018

A poetic folk EP. Strong lyrical imagery combine with simple chord progressions and beautifully enhanced subtle arrangements. This EP features guest musicians for the first time as Andy and Steve expand the musical palette of Disparate Souls.

Reviewed on 11th April 2019, by www.anrfactory.com

“I Stand Tall” is just one of the singles found on Disparate Souls’ gorgeously named EP “Poetry of Reason”. Any fans of Glen Hansard are sure to be immediately enamoured by the single which was brought to life by songwriters Andrew Hossack and Steve Griffiths. Even though soundscape which has been orchestrated is fairly quiescent, it packs a bruising emotive punch affirming that ingenuity is the end result when the two songwriters’ lyrical talent synergises. As the track concluded, it was easy to feel that there was a slight lack of progression within I Stand Tall, but anyone looking for a celestially light arrangement which carries plenty of influence from song writing greats such as Neil Young and Bob Dylan you can’t go wrong with this ethereal offering. You can check out I Stand Tall along with the rest of the EP from Disparate Souls for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Waiting for the Rain - released 06/09/2019

A taster EP for the upcoming album. These songs feature fuller arrangements with full band performances throughout.

Cryptic Words - released 26/03/2020

The Americana influences are still there, but this time so is rock and new wave. This is a harder edged EP than what has gone before. The Strong lyrical imagery and simple chord progressions remain but this time the arrangements are more daring giving a harder edge. .

Disparate Souls - The Debut album released 14/10/2019

Eponymously titled debut album. A mix of folk, alt-country, americana and rock.

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